Subject: 7 Ups

As 2007 is well on the way, I wanted to take a moment to again encourage everyone to grow disc golf locally.

I've witnessed the great success my local club has made in the last year and have some recommendations that may help each of you succeed growing our sport locally:

 The 7 Ups:

 1) Sign Up - Be part of the growth by becoming a local disc golf club member. 

 2) Show up - Go to meetings, go to course work days, go on road trips.

3) Team up - Don't wait to see what other members are doing....go ask them and lend a hand...get involved!

4) Listen up - Big piece of advice here (not just for disc golf)..."you don't know everything!".  I've heard more great ideas than I've ever thought up on my own.  New players often have great no nonsense insight. Lend an ear.

5) Dress up - A foul looking shirt is almost as bad as a foul smelling one.  Look like this sport is taking you places...."it is", isn't it?

6) Clean Up - Get out to your local course (without a disc in your hand) and make it sparkle.  Nothing takes away the beauty of our sport like trash on the course.  If other players see that your club really cares about your course, they will be more likely to jump on board.

7) Shut up - if you're not helping run an event...shut up and play.  No TD likes to hear what is wrong with the event in the midst of running it.  "The pins should be longer.", "Why didn't we tee off earlier?" Etc...etc...etc...  If you not helping run the event, then for goodness sake, just play and enjoy the ride.

'Hobie' PDGA#1946

MADC President

Last Updated: 11/17/2009