Clear Sailing        

                                                 By  “Hobie” PDGA# 1946

Going long-er

Disc golf courses are getting longer.  With the advent of better plastic and growing numbers of players, the drive and putt  holes are fading away at the professional level.

Although par 3 golf is easy to keep score, there is no reason disc golf can’t have par 4 & 5 like ball golf.  I really like the idea of  72 par for 18 holes.     

Yes, it will take longer to play a round, but what a challenge and what fun.   With longer/difficult courses, the approach shot will become a standard/important part of a player’s game at every course and tournament. 

Many courses already have several tee and/or pin placements which alter the difficulty of holes.  Now that the PDGA has begun its Course Rating System – World Class Par (WCP), Disc Golf Clubs will want to keep good records during tournament play as to the tee/pin placements on each round.  When filling out the PDGA Tournament Report Form, make sure all the tee/pin placements are indicated (there is a special section for this).

Courses with significant permutations will want to try and use standard layouts during tournament play (i.e. 1st round: all in short, 2nd round: all in long, or a standard mix, etc…).

Don’t be discouraged at the course layout if every pin is in the long position.  Look at it as positive way to improve your game.

Stay in the fairway! 



Last Updated: 11/17/2009