Clear Sailing        

                                                 By  “Hobie” PDGA# 1946

Lending a hand

Disc golf courses are tough to keep clean.

Sticks, leaves, branches, and the occasional tree always end up in the fairway and need to be removed to provide ideal playing conditions.

Erosion continually plays a role in the ever changing picture of a disc golf course and must be addressed early to avoid big project work later on.

Add trash left behind by a “careless” or even worst, “thoughtless” individual and you can see why keeping a disc course clean is endless.

In that there is no full time “paid” maintenance staff running around the course like in ball golf, committed to keeping everything pristine, help is needed.

If you use a local disc golf course ask the course pro or club players (they are on the course most of the time) what you can do to help.  Most local clubs have clean up days when everyone is invited. 

Check the disc golf course bulletin board or web site: for upcoming events and clean-ups.  Don’t forget to check in with the event coordinator to make sure your helping (not hurting) the course.

Stay in the fairway! 



Last Updated: 11/17/2009