Clear Sailing        

                                                 By  “Hobie” PDGA# 1946

On Tour! Wow!  What a privilege. To do what most of us can only dream about; playing good enough to be picked up by a sponsor who helps defer the costs of going on the PDGA Super Tour.

A few years back, I was a spectator at a tournament and was delighted to see many of the top disc golf players in the world giving it their all to win.  It was a great tournament and great credit should be given to the T.D., club, and all the individuals and sponsors who made it possible. 

There is however, a sad note to this otherwise excellent tournament: poor sportsmanship, childlike behavior, and whining beyond what I could have imagined from a disc golf player (let alone a 6 yr. old).

I’m not talking about a Junior or Advanced player.  Not even a local home-boy who was upset with his game.  No, unfortunately I’m talking about a Sponsored Super Tour Open Pro.  I really don’t know how his foursome made it though the round with him.  Everything he did that wasn’t to his liking was the fault of the course, the T.D., or anyone/anything else but is own game that day.

Think about it for a minute, no one likes to be around someone who is miserable.  I especially don’t like playing disc golf with someone who complains about a tree branch that got in the way (or not in the way).  Time to shut up and throw better on the next hole.  We are all frustrated by a poor shot.  The best players shake their heads and attempt to improve on the next throw.   I can only hope that in future tournaments the players that are grouped with this player get tough and give him a warning for  “Unsportsmanlike conduct”  (Rule 804.05 section A (1) . 

It’s easy for most people to be graceful when playing well.  It’s tougher to be graceful while not playing well.  Good sportsmanship goes well with any type of play. 



Last Updated: 11/17/2009