Where do you play?

Many city parks have disc golf courses already set up. Most are free to play as often as you like. Disc golfers who do not have the benefit of a permanent disc golf facility in their area often 'make up' courses in nearby parks and green-spaces.

One of the greatest features disc golf shares with traditional golf is that they are both played in beautiful settings. A 9-hole disc golf course can be established on as little as five acres of land, and a champion-caliber 18-hole course on 30 to 40 acres. Disc golf courses can coexist with existing park facilities and activity areas. The ideal location combines wooded and open terrains, and a variety of topographical change.

The need for more courses is constant, as the sport continues to grow in popularity. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) has created standards for the design and installation of new courses, to ensure their success in the community.

Last Updated: 11/17/2009