Special Rules & Guidelines of Tyler State park Disc Golf Course

The High Grass on Field Holes:

The Park Management is insisting that we do not play any shots from the high grass of # 27 and #17! Discs can be retrieved, but not played from high grass.

Fairways and Paths

Please make sure you stay on designated paths and do not make new routes to tees.

This is important on paths to #8, to #17 (go to the back of 16C and past water fountain…not up fairway), and off the back of #18 to #19.

The Park does not want us to start new paths and cause any more erosion than is needed.  Also, our course was designed to cause as little interference as possible to players on other holes.  Taking shortcuts usually causes a visual distraction to players on other holes and may even be dangerous when cutting close to fairways.

Another problem we are having is people attempting to throw sideways off the tee of #13 over #7 tee in an attempt to get to #13C.

This is bad for several reasons: 1) Driving off the tee in this direction poses an unnecessary risk to players on Hole 7. We pride ourselves in having a course that is designed to promote safety for the players. 2) There is a protective barrier of bushes and trees that provide an excellent buffer (visually and aesthetically) from 7 & 13.  Players will break this area down quickly with errant discs and walking around trying to find them.  3) #13 has been designed as a right handed hole/fairway.  There is no advantage (unless your lucky) to get any closer than if you use the designed fairway.  We are at a point where we may have to put up a mandatory…this is a last resort and we are trying to avoid.

Please use designated paths and fairways.

Last Updated: 11/17/2009