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Winter League Madness Wrap Up

May 24th, 2011 Comments off

THANK YOU!! to everyone who participated in this event and raised more than $300 for the Eric C Yetter Champions Cup Tournament.  The only things missing were cameras, editors, commercial breaks and a catchy reality show name.  13 players signed up to play this twisted game and there was no lack of excitement as they strategized and played until there was only 1 winner – Congratulations Jeff Golden.  The sportmanship award goes to 2 players – Rob Braun & Brett Loukides, both semi-finalists.  Spirit awards are in order for all of the other players who were eliminated through the rounds and stayed to influence the outcome and make the fundraising more successful than we could have hoped for.  Thank you again to each of you.

Having so  many players provided me with the opportunity to see the many intricacies and possibilities in action.  The next Madness event is scheduled for August.  The overall concept will remain the same but some caps and controls will be instituted.   I will work out the details and rule changes well before August. 

Until then – stay well and play well!

“Big Dog” Disc on Sale

May 11th, 2011 Comments off
The BCDGA would like to express their appreciation to Andrew “Big Dog” Sweeton one last time for the work he did as President of the club.  To commemorate his years of service, 100 Glo Gazelle with “The Big Dog Years” design will be printed – cost $20 each.  Big Dog Disc
To reserve your disc, please e-mail Marie Fry at
5/13/11 Update – Almost half of the discs are reserved.  Do not delay as they are going fast!!!  Thank you to everyone who has reserved discs already.