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Ace Race Pre-registration

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Ace Race Pre-registration is Open.  Click HERE for full flyer.

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2012 Yetter Wrap Up

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54 Pros and 54 Ams converged on the course at Tyler State Park for the 20th Annual Eric C Yetter Champions Cup.  Players travelled as far as Alaska, Oregon, Arizona and Florida to match their skill against the course.  Thank you to all of the players for joining us at this year’s event.  It was a pleasure to have all of you there. The course was long and challenging and I do believe the course tested each and every one of you at some point during the weekend.

In lieu of a player’s party, the decision was made to have a picnic at the park.  Delicious food was delivered by Slack’s Hoagie Shack, Newtown.  Many good things were said about having the picnic right there at the tournament site.  And all players had the opportunity to participate.  The rain kept us under the pavilion but actually added to the camaraderie as stories of the day’s great throws and misadventures were told.  It was during the picnic that I met Brian, a young man who told me that the Yetter was his FIRST Tournament EVER.  I was absolutely amazed and we agreed that if he could make it through this one, he could play at almost any event.  I do hope we will see you again soon, Brian.

The AM players pack was a great value with discs, minis, a carry pack and other assorted items.  The sponsors for this year’s event were very generous and did a great job with all of the items for the players.  Vitamin Water was a great benefit for the players and volunteers alike.  Refreshing cold beverages were available both days for all to enjoy.  A representative joined us on Sunday and had coupons available for everyone as well.

Volunteers began the time consuming job of setting things up at 7:30AM Friday morning.  The last volunteer left the park at 8:30 PM that same night.  As players arrived for check in, many volunteers were busy taking care of the last minute details for the players’ benefit.  Canopies were set up on some temporary field holes to provide relief from the sun (or rain which rolled in Saturday afternoon).  Water jugs were filled and placed at strategic points along the course.  Sunday’s round had the volunteers out early again as well as the players.  Water and snack stations were set up at various points along the 27 hole course to help the players keep their energy up.

The volunteers were a crucial element for the success of this event.  A list of 40+ names has been compiled of those who took a few minutes Sunday afternoon to those who put in many hours with the set-up, break down, spotting, picnic set up, scorecards and the numerous other tasks that had to be accomplished.  I am personally grateful to each and every volunteer for their time, energy, knowledge and support.  All weekend long, if there was a need, there was a volunteer stepping up and getting it done!  We also need to remember those who put a lot of time and effort into the course prep during the weeks and months leading up to the Yetter.  Players – I hope you remembered to thank a volunteer.

Holding to tradition, the BCDGA presented the club and tournament awards.  Decisions were not made lightly as there were several candidates worthy of each.  Jay Gobrecht was the recipient of the Spirit Award which speaks for itself. Congrats, Jay!  The TDs were unable to come up with just one person for the club award, so two awards were given this year.  Eric Eichhorst was the stand-out for the Dynamo Award.  Eric has spent oodles of time and energy coming up with sponsors and promoting the BCDGA and disc golf.  Many players have enjoyed the benefits of his work.  Thank you, Eric!  The Workhorse Award was presented to Bob Shellenberger.  Bob has spent much time and energy improving and maintaining the course at Tyler State Park – from slinging chips to designing the benches plus much more.  Bob’s endless energy has been noticed by many.  Thank you, Bob!  Congratulations to each of these well-deserving award recipients and we thank you for making such a positive impact for the disc golf community.

The BCDGA is looking forward to the 21st edition of the Champions Cup.  We will be working to find ways to improve the areas where we fell a little short.  If we have the opportunity for field holes again, we will work to get more canopies out there.  We have notes to have better signage for the CTPs for all 3 rounds.  We will work to ensure that water jugs do not run out.  We want this event to exceed your expectations as a player.  If you have a suggestion, please feel free to share with me –

Thank you to all of the volunteers, players, sponsors and Tyler State Park.  All had an important part in this.  I had a great time and thank you sincerely for the wonderful memories of the 20th.

Marie Fry #18020

President, Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance

2012 Eric C Yetter Champions’ Cup Results

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Quick Note from the BCDGA Prez about the Yetter

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This is just a quick note for this weekend’s event.  I will get a full write up posted on the website within a day or two.

I am so very grateful for and proud of each and everyone of you who contributed to the success of the 20th Annual Eric C Yetter Champions Cup.  From the first items being pulled from the club shed, to the last item being returned to the shed, and everything in between, only minor hiccups occurred.  The level of support from the club members and their families and friends was absolutely tremendous!  The set up was long, but it was accomplished very well.  The break down and clean up were quick and efficient.  Many positive things were heard from players throughout the entire event.  Personally, I only had one player point out an oversight on our part and I believe that speaks volumes in how far we have come.

The traditional club awards were included during the awards ceremony.  Having so many actively involved and contributing members made selecting a single individual impossible, so two awards were given.  The Workhorse Award went to Bob Shellenberger.  Bob has been an incredible asset to the course and club since the first day he said “I want to help.  How can I help?” at the Ice Bowl Tournament in January.  Many improvements, changes and additional features to the course are testament to why Bob deserved this recognition.  Thank you, Bob.  The Dynamo Award went to Eric Eichhorst this year.  Eric has worked equally hard to obtain sponsors of all types for our numerous events, helping with fundraising events, and working the media and publicity angles to get the club and disc golf in general more awareness in the public eye.  I don’t know how he does it – another well-deserved award.  Thank you, Eric.

I can only hope that this trend of incredible volunteer support will continue and that the tournament directors next year will have an equally tough time selecting recipients.  Thank you all so very much for everything.

Marie Fry
President, BCDGA Photo Gallery from the Yetter

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